Monday, 21 October 2013


Despite being pretty busy trying to tabulate points for my team, putting together more posts for the blog and stuff, I got a couple movies in today. Some really good ones too in my opinion! So all and all, I think I had a successful day of movie watching.

MAMA (100 mins/2013)

Kweeny's Rating: Don't piss off MAMA!

Summary: This Spanish-Canadian flick was pretty good, even if the effects could have been done better. I enjoyed the story with the feral children, and though there is no bonuses or much blood at all, it has some genuinely creepy moments. If I have learned anything from this film, it's that adults don't listen to children. Ever.

"Slow down daddy!"
"Someone's in the house daddy!"
"There is a friggen scary bitch outside daddy, and thanks to you being cray cray we are stuck with her!"

MANIAC (87 mins/2012)

Kweeny's Rating: Scalping is all the rage!

Summary: If I know anything, it's that Elijah Wood is a creepy mother fucker. Seriously. This movie is based off of a Video Nasty, and though you'll get some bonuses as it is pretty faithful to the original, it won't get you the full 6 ATB. However, I enjoyed the new perspective they took with it, and the POV change was a nice touch. I know some people din't like that gimmick, but I felt like it gave us a chance to be in the skin of the killer. It's a messed up film to be sure, and do see the original as well to not only get points, but to make up your mind about them.

MAY (93 mins/2002)

Kweeny's Rating: He had pretty hands

Summary: I ADORE this movie. It's one of my all time favorites, and it's pretty messed up. She is so broken that she breaks my heart a little every time I watch this, because I feel for her. She has so many moments that are beyond awkward. May is a strange girl with a strange doll for a friend, among other "habits" you'll find out about by watching this. And you'll get bonuses for this one, as there is surgical procedures done while May wears the cutest hand-made dress ever!


  1. I freaking Love May. It is easily one of the best underrated horror films out there today. Angela Bettis is amazing in the title role

    1. Agreed! And somehow despite how weird May is as a character, I feel she is totally someone I can relate to.


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