Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I didn't get many movies in today, only one but it was a GOOD one. I love this movie, and love showing it to knew people who enjoy comedy and gore. I take great pleasure listening to them laugh and make grossed out sounds while watching it.

The reason I only got one movie in is I was running errands and baking cookies. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! I didn't buy them this time, I actually made them MYSELF. And I didn't burn the house down to do it! Made them from scratch as they say! I know they aren't fancy to look at, but they are AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.

My cookies bring all the ghouls to the yard.
Today's movie mayhem is...

Gives new meaning to the words "Face Hugger" doesn't it?
DEAD ALIVE (104 mins/1992)

Kweeny's Rating: I kick ass for the LORD!

Summary: Oh man...where do I begin with this one? It's a Peter Jackson film...yes, you heard that right. The same man who made the Lord of the Rings trilogy made this. If you thought the Evil Dead series was over the top, you might want to steer clear of this one. Now if you love hilarious over-acting, gore in the truck loads, creative ways to kill zombies and reanimated organs, then you might love this movie. I can't tell you how many times I have randomly quoted the crazy, kung fu priest in this movie at people, because he really is my favorite character. He's not as interesting once he's zombified, but he does manage to get a zombie nurse pregnant somehow...so that's something.

Are there bonuses Maniacs? Probably. I am still laughing from watching this so hard I can't think though.

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  1. I now feel like I need to go watch this just for the kung fu priest! (Also damn jealous of your pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Definately one of my favorite cookies. It vies for top place with chocolate snicker doodle, and the classic chocolate chip cookie)


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