Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I decided to catch up on some horror/Halloween-themed shows. I also dyed my hair green for my "Kweenyjuice" look I am creating for this weekend's party. I'm pretty excited. It's kind of weird having green hair. I can't wait to show folks.

Here are some of the shows I watched today...

THE WALKING DEAD (Season 3-3ep. 1hr/2013)

Kweeny's Rating: Undead Jail Drama

Summary: It's been hard to keep up with shows, as I only just recently got basic cable, let alone cable that has shows I would actually watch. So keeping up with The Walking Dead involves waiting for Netflix to get it. I'm liking this season so far, except for Lori who just really needs to die already. UGH.

SOUTH PARK (Nightmare on Facetime and the new Goth Kids episodes/2012-2013)

Kweeny's Rating: South Park Rules!

Summary: A Nightmare on Facetime is an awesome take on The Shining with some fun added extras. It's very much a Halloween episode, and Randy is hilarious in it. As for the 3rd Goth Kids Episode, I think it had horror elements as it was a spinoff of Invasion of the Body Snatchers only the "plants" were turning people into emos. It was so funny I squirted water from my nose while watching it.


Kweeny's Rating: WTF AWESOME!

Summary: This show just gets more weird and awesome. People have told me they are making up for the meh that second season was, but I haven't seen second season yet to have a verdict on it. I am however, LOVING THIS SEASON. It's so damn good. The theme of this season seems to be aging and history never forgets. I just love the creepy stuff going on around these themes.

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