Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 24: Day 24: Rifftrax and Kweenyjuice Progress

Tonight I didn't get the chance to watch movies at home, but I did go to the Rifftrax experience of Night Of the Living Dead. And I am pleased to say I laughed my ass off! I love watching people riff on movies, especially ones I love. I got the chance to go with a few friends, which made the experience even better, because listening to your friends laugh like crazy people can make your laughter last longer. It's infectious like a zombie bite!

Also, did you ever notice how they used way too many cricket sounds in Night Of The Living Dead? I DIDN'T EITHER UNTIL THE RIFFTRAX FOLKS MENTIONED IT! Now I can't watch the movie without noticing that annoying detail! *facepalm*

I also did a hair and make up test for my costume. Now, I haven't spiked my hair or anything, this is only a preview. But I think my costume is coming along nicely...

What do you think? I got some nice compliments just looking like this when I went to the Rifftrax event. I didn't put on my costume, just wore a stripey shirt with my make up job and freshly dyed hair.

So overall Kweenyjuice had a good time tonight! 

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