Monday, 14 October 2013


Well...I'm back from my LARP weekend which was AWESOME. Draining, but very engaging roleplay-wise. I slept in real late and then had to work on totals for THE MADNESS, so this is why my movie viewing for today is sparse. However, I am pleased to say my ladies of Team Martyrs are kicking ass! Some of my ladies even are in the 100's already for their scores, which blows my mind! YOU ROCK LADIES! KEEP MARTYRING YOURSELVES AND WE MIGHT WIN THIS THING!

I also had to help pick a winning essay for the Cannibal Holocaust Essay Contest which is part of THE MADNESS. The winner gets an extra 20 points added to their score! Good luck gang!

My team isn't going to succumb to The Madness. My team is too strong and masochistic for that. *evil grin*

Also, because today is the anniversary of "Nightmare Before Christmas", I watched that along with a really crappy werewolf movie...

MOON OF THE WOLF (114 mins/1972)

Kweeny's Rating: Bayou Howling 

Summary: This TV movie wasn't much of a werewolf film. The effects were terrible, the acting sub-par and the story kind of bland. But it had a nice setting. I love movies set in the Bayou. No bonuses, but I had to watch it because I love werewolf stuff. I just wish it was more of a howling good time and not a whimper of bored puppies.


Kweeny's Rating: Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws!

Summary: I'm sure by now you all know my love of this movie. It really was a movie that helped stop motion cinema be more noticed, and it was done so well that you felt like Halloween Town existed. I know I feel that way when I watch it. I like to tell people that's where I was born, because frankly if I had my way, I'd make my entire house like that. I'm just too broke to do it right away, so I collect Halloween and horror objects bit by bit every chance I get. Since it was the anniversary today, I had to watch it now.

Also, did I mention I have every song memorized? And that I sing them at my husband sometimes while I dance around the room? I totally did that while watching this, and I wasn't even drunk.

Slow start for today, but I was recovering. Stay tuned, because I have a Cannibalism day planned for when my friend comes by, and other sights to show you.

*evil cackles*

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