Thursday, 30 January 2014

Kweeny Survives Wizard World Comic Con!

Well dear readers, it's been a crazy time here in the Gory Kingdom. Necrofeast was an awesome event, full of dark deviants, caroling and other assorted madness. Then after the holidays and the New Year rang in, I took some down time from blogging activities to deal with an editing job that fell in my lap, selling my first pro-art commission, and organizing my unexpected trip to Comic Con in Portland!

Suffice it to day, I have been one busy Demon Blogger.

With the help of my amazing friends, I managed to make it to Wizard World. It all started with a remark I made completely off the cuff. I confessed to my friends on FaceBook I have a huge fangirl crush on Ron Perlman. Some girls faun over slender, elven-looking man, well...not I. I don't judge based on gender or anything trivial like that, but I do enjoy Ron Perlman on multiple levels. First, he is a good actor. No matter what I see him in he shines, and makes even the shittiest movie watchable. Secondly, he's just genuine and real as a person. He is exactly what he is and doesn't make excuses or pretend to be anything other than Ron Fucking Perman. Thirdly, I do have a fondness for grizzled, big bear-like guys. He's just gotten sexier with age in my opinion.

So I mentioned this, and mentioned how I knew he was going to be at Wizard World, and how much I wished I could hug him. I was mostly just saying it out loud, because I do that quite a bit.

My friends sent me money for the VIP experience with him.

Seriously, I am just as shocked and amazed as you might be reading this. I have some awesome friends.

 I got to meet fucking HELLBOY GANG. Because honestly, no one else can play Hellboy now that Ron has done so. HE IS HELLBOY.

So of course I got shit signed, and did what I set out to do...HUG HIM.


Saying I had a good time isn't going to do it justice. It was my first American con. I have been to cons before mind you, but even the big ones I have been to in Canada do not compare to this. Of course I have gone to World Horror Convention in Toronto, but a huge group of writers isn't as overwhelming as a group of crazy comic nerds. Let's just say the cosplayers I saw strutting their stuff were phenominal! Here are a few highlights:

Smoking hawt Hellgirl...

And my fav, BABY DEADPOOL!

So much fun. Plus, hearing Ron on his panel talk and answer questions was hilarious fun! The big guy is kind, funny, and really appreciative of all he has. If only all actors were so gracious and warm.

I love this lug!

So thank you to those of you who sent me to the con! From the bottom of my black heart I am grateful for having this experience, and hope to have many awesome con experiences in the future!

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