Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kweeny Reviews: HA-HA! HORROR!


I didn't know what to expect when my friend MonsterMatt Patterson tweeted me and asked if I would review his book. I will review pretty much anything as long as it falls into the realm of horror. I figured something called HA-HA! HORROR VOL 1 was bound to have some humor to it.

Humor, like horror, comes in many forms.

At least from the get-go you are told a lot of the jokes in this book are groan worthy. And when I say groan worthy, I mean the deep kind of groans you'd hear Frankenstein's Monster utter while he complains of a head ache. There are puns and silly word plays, corny poems and songs, bad jokes and even worse jokes. But the wonderful thing about the book is it's a whole lot of fun to flip through. It's a delightful, quick read that leaves you shaking your head and snickering all at the same time.

It's done in the style of the old joke books you might have seen your grandfather leave lying around at the cottage. Do you remember those? They were usually so old they were falling apart, and had terrible artwork inside with even worse jokes to compliment them. But they were fun to read. HA-HA! Horror gave me a sense of nostalgia because of that. There are cute little drawings of monsters enacting jokes throughout the book, which really helps to bring that old joke book feel to life. Or maybe we should say unlife. This book is for the living impaired of course.

It is a really refreshing book to read if you've been having a rough go of things, or you need a silly, spooky-themed pick-me-up. It was rather hard to not smile while I read this book. It is so unlike anything I normally review and read for Kweeny Todd, and I love it for that. It's silly, pun-filled goodness made to make you laugh and groan remembering the good old days. Sometimes simple things are exactly what you need. You can tell a lot of love was put into this book.

Let me close with one of my favorite terrible jokes from the book:
“What do you get by crossing the song “Midnight Train” by Gladys Knight and a Clive Barker film?


Slaps knee, chuckles and exists stage left

 You can find HA-HA! Horror on! And don't forget to check out MonsterMatt's podcast!

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