Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Kweeny Goes To The Vampire's Masquarde Ball!

Portland is a magical place, full of strange shops, a bookstore that feels like paradise (I'm looking at you Powell's) great venues for bands I adore (seen Otep and Abney Park there) and awesome conventions (yay Wizard World!). But the one thing I wasn't sure about was how darkly inclined Portland could be, until my dear friends told me of a Vampire's Masquerade Ball happening on the same weekend as the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival!

Holy shit I want to move to Portland now! Maybe next year I shall...

So I couldn't go to both as I am not a rich super hero with unlimited time and resources, but I did vamp myself up and took some awesome friends with me to the Vampire's Ball!

What do you guys think? Do I pass as a vampire?
Let me tell you folks, it was a beautiful, majestic event! I felt like a truly regal Voodoo Queen among vampires. Our table was lovely, with beautiful centerpieces and delicious food, plenty of wine and even the option of different kinds of absinthe to drink (because damn it, we vamps like our choices!), Gothic music and finery as far as the eye could see, magical performers, including Mrs. Gothic Manners herself! I should have tried harder to meet her, but there were too many people and it got overwhelming at times. I did manage to make my way to the dance floor and dance with a sexy succubus I was with...

Our cleavage makes angels cry.
And there was even a midnight Waltz that was lovely to witness. The vendors below were all awesome and darkly magical, and if I was loaded I am sure I would have left that place bankrupt. I did manage to get my hands on a lovely Raven skull, so I am pleased with my gift.

Of course, I cannot thank my lovely female company enough. Because of them this event was a smashing success, and each of them dressed so deliciously dark I felt right at home. Thank you my Twisted Sisters. You make every event worth the pain of corsets! (And thank you to Marlena and friends for the sexy pictures!)

Overall, the event was a devious success, and I would recommend any vampire lover, hell, costume lover who wishes ro feel like the royalty they truly are to come to the Vampire's Masquerade Ball next year too. Hopefully they wont make it fall on the same days as the Lovecraft festival, because I cannot miss it again. I think my soul died a little for not meeting Doug Bradley.

And my final note to close this post off with, is to show you this piece of art by my dear friend Jason Robichaud of Pinups for Cancer! He drew this after seeing my Vampy-self all dolled up in the picture above. I think I make a fine pinup Vampire, don't you?


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