Tuesday, 28 April 2015

On Chronic Werewolves, Larping, and Sexy Witches

Well my life has been quite the roller coaster lately readers. Lots of different things have been taking my time away from blogging. I've been working on my health issues lately, and even started a blog where I document some of my thoughts on things. If you are curious about that, you can follow the link to my blog called Diary of a Chronic Werewolf. I talk personally about mental and physical aliments I suffer from. Living a life with chronic afflictions is hard.

Larp has been eating a big chunk of my time too, as I am in like 4 different Larps currently! I think I might need to cut down on all the Larping. I did however just finish an awesome Larp experience last weekend called SPITE. It's a sci-fi Larp that really makes you feel like you are in a warzone fighting aliens. I played an android named Kink. She was as pretty as a doll.

And then finally I have joined forces with a few of my favorite ladies of horror to start a geek podcast called Archivists Bet on Sexy Witches! We just finished a 2 hour long episode on Disney Villains! Listen in if you wanna hear who my favorite Disney Villains are!

I have more plans for posts in the future, and may even get back into Vlogging again. People really seemed to like my "Shit People Say to Women Who Like Horror" video. Plus, I can get out my wolf hat again. I do love wearing my wolf hat.

See you on the flip side Monster Kids.

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