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Genre Talk: My True Blood Geekery

Since the new season of True Blood is in full swing (and I get back into indulging my guilty pleasure of drooling over Eric Northman's finely chiseled viking bod) I thought I'd post a silly little rant I wrote when I first got into the series. I may love zombies more than vampires (and I love a good demon story over the both of them), but I do have a soft spot for some vampire stuff out there. So here we go fang gang lovers. Enjoy my ramblings.

 Getting My Geek On: True Blood (may contain spoilers)

"I just paid four hundred dollars to watch you drown a possum." ~Tara

Alright, since I am not sleeping well (for weeks now. Someone tell my body off, it's not listening to me) and I am up early for work, I'm gonna write a rant about my favourite character from True Blood: Tara. Next to Lafayette, she is my homegirl. They are the ying-yang to my loving the show. Both characters are like two halves of me when I watch it. Tara is my fire, Lafayette my snarky humor. And then there's Eric, who I want to eat ice cream off his chest...*cough* Okay, focusing on Tara right now.

If you've seen the show, and know me, then you already know why I love her.

Sookie could go die in a fire for all I care. And Bill is a whinny bitch. I don't care about the main characters at all. I watch the show for the rest of them. Tara, Lafayette, Eric and his progeny, the other vampires and their drama. That's why I love the show.

And Tara is normal. Just blissfully normal, but with a will of steel. I like my tough women. Warrior chicks who don't need superpowers to get stuff done.

If you've watched the show, you have seen what that poor girl has been through. You can see why she's a bitch to mostly everyone, and mostly everyone REALLY deserves it. Yeah, she's gone through more jobs than a hooker goes through clients, but that's because like me, she's tired of putting up with people's lies and BS. She has to go home to her drunk-ass mother who beats her, who she takes care of so she doesn't drink herself to death, who also tells her there are DEMONS inside them both. Tara thinks this is crap from the get go. Like me, she is smart and has a good BS detector. Her problem, is her heart. Despite how angry she is, how much she hates people on a whole, when she loves someone, she loves them hard. So do I. Which gets us both into trouble. Because when Mother says to Tara she needs an exorcism to get the "demon" out, Tara scrapes up the money to do it. Why would she do it when she knows it's a bad idea? 


We do stupid things for love. Because we love hard. And we hope, that somehow, love will overcome even our own hard-headedness.

And I watched up to third season, as Tara was slowly torn to pieces. How Her mother thinks she's "cured" from a fake witch doctor. How when Tara does the exorcism, hoping for things to change, she finds out the bitch who did it is a fraud and thus, has a bit of a break down. Who wouldn't? So she gets sloshed and wrecks her car. That's when Mary Anne comes into her life and fucks it up some more. I'd like to say Mary Anne was the most screwed up thing that happens to Tara and the town, but she's not. She's one of many things that manipulates Tara, another supernatural fucking with a poor human. Tara cannot fight the mind control. And when she falls in love with Eggs, he very well could have been her soulmate. But it's hard to tell, because of what Mary Anne does to them. Without her influence, they would have never met, but still...meeting the man of your dreams who ends up shot because he thinks he's a murder (he couldnt control his actions) is devestating. I don't know how I'd deal with a situation like that, and hope to the gods I never have to find out. She gets sucidal for a bit there, (CAN'T IMAGINE WHY) and thankfully Lafayette saves her ass because he's dealt with this kind of shit before. But think on this: Tara finally loves someone who truly loves her back, despite the mind control. I believe they really loved one another. And she's got huge trust issues, huge intimacy issues, so when she's finally starting to get over them what happens?

A crazy bitch with super powers fucks everything up. 

Then she gets captured and raped by a vampire. A vampire who claims to love her, in a crazy kind of way, and who threatens to change her. A part of me wanted him to do it. Because Tara would make one fine ass vampire. She'd have her power back, and fuck shit up if she wanted to. I'd love to see that. I'd love to see her let loose all that primal darkness inside her, and just not be afraid anymore. But Tara is always afriad, even when she's fighting like a hellcat for her life. Even when she's at her wits end, and just wants the pain to stop. Even when the people she loves are taken away, one by one, or hurt in terrible ways.

Tara is a survivor.

And Tara is the best character on this stupid show for it.

And if you don't think so, that's fine. You probably don't watch it for the same reasons I do. Tara is one of many reasons. I like things with layers. I like to see layers in things. Because the world is not simple. Even if you need supernaturals to show you how complex it is, in the end, it's about the people with the power and the people trying to get by without it.

That's life. 

Except my life doesn't have Eric Northman in it. Sadness.

He's so yummy.


  1. I love True Blood, but I completely agree that its two main characters are the least interesting people in it. I'm a little behind - working through the end of Series 2 at the moment - but finding Tara's storyline the most compelling so far. Looking forward to catching up with the rest of the series. Great article, cheers!

  2. There's just too much in the show to love that you can ignore the whinny bullcrap of Sookie and Bill. Ugh...

    Have fun playing catch up!

  3. Finally Tara's getting some love. But I've got to say LaFayette is my personal fave. He's always got the perfect response to every situation. I'm only through season 3, but I think his character is really gaining some depth. Tara has been through a lot more in the series, but I'm hoping for a more LaLa-centric storyline in the future.

  4. I love Tara, she's the most COOLEST right next Lafayette of course. But I also started to like Jessica. She's funny. I'm glad that you love Tara too because people always seem to forget about her. :(

    I use to LOVE this show but it seems like this season has been a complete drag. I'm so sick of Sookie & her annoying face. Ugh. Bill & Sookie's crap is ridiculous & makes me not want to watch.

    Do you like the book series too?


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