Monday, 19 September 2011

Genre Talk: True Blood Loves The LGBT Community

And it's just one more reason why I love the show.

I read this article here on True Blood and bullying and it just made my night. It's good to see more shows out there talking about these issues. Shows not afraid to push boundaries and ask questions. Sure, it seems on the surface True Blood is just a lot of T and A with vampires and other supernaturals, but if that's all you see, then you haven't looked deeper. I find a lot of good fiction uses supernaturals to tell tales about important issues, like bigotry, bullying, politics, rape, gender issues and more. In fact, I find horror is a safe place to do so because it's a genre of fear.The majority of the worlds problems are based on fear. Horror gives us a place to ask the "naughty" questions. The dirty questions. And afterwards, we can feel lighter for doing so.

Also, I love that Alexander Skarsgard did an "It Get's Better" PSA. It just makes me love him even more. If you are too lazy to click it on the link above, here it is again:

Things like this give me hope that our world will grow up and accept people as they are. Not try to push them into limiting concepts just because of fear. If horror teaches me anything, it's that I can overcome fear. When I see that masked man killing someone I know he will come back in the sequel, but I also know he's not real. What is real is the fact people are murdered everyday by strange men, and sometimes we never know the reason why. He has power because the world has real sickos in it that do seemingly senseless killings everyday.

In the end we as human beings have a choice. We can choose everyday love over fear. We can choose to face our fears and come out of the theaters of our minds shaken, but still alive, knowing we faced the demons in the dark and won. Knowing that we refuse to ignore their existence. Knowing we ultimately have the choice how we will live on this plant, and how we will live with others. We horror fans acknowledge our demons, and we see the worlds demons clearly. And we are not afraid to point them out to the rest of the world in hope they will deal with theirs too. Maybe then things will be just a little less fucked up.

Or maybe I just need more Eric Northman topless and less tree hugging hippy crap. DAMN YOU OREGON! YOU'RE INFECTING ME with your progressiveness!


  1. Thank you for posting this. I love it gets better. Such a sincere message of hope is overwhelmingly moving. Some of the videos bring me to tears every time.

    Just watched the season finale of Trublood. Such a high body count this season. :-o Damn them and their cliffhangers!!! :-)

  2. Hello and welcome to Dr. Theda's Crypt Life in general is "Fucked Up" ... we just deal with it all as best we can... And I Left You some Sweeney Todd posts on my blog ...Bye for now ....
    The Doctor


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