Monday, 19 September 2011

Loot and Plunder!

 Avast, me buckoes! It be Talk Like A Pirate Day. Sure, this be a horror blog, but I be a pirate of the horror seas! So in honor o' this occasion, I bring thee my favorite pirate tunes. So hoist the sails lads and fight your Krakans! Today we scallywags will rock out pirate style!

First I bring ye some classical pirates doing metal! Take a swig of ye rum while you listen me hearties!

Next is some viking metal, because if you think about it, vikings were pirates too! They sailed around, looted and plundered, and got lots of booty! They just chose land targets not sea targets.

Next I bring you land lubbers a taste of steampunk piracy!

And I almost forgot Captain DAN! Who doesn't like rapping pirates?

Lastly, I want to hear your best pirate names! Tell me, if you could give me a pirate name, what would it be? Whomever gives me the best pirate name will get a crayon drawing of themselves as a pirate! 

I'm totally an Airship Pirate! YAR!


  1. The second video is my favorite! You can't beat a pirate with a keytar. :) Nice, fast paced song too!

  2. @Phil: LOL! That's a good one! I like it.

    @Justine: Glad I could give you some awesome tunes. YAR!

  3. Tawdry Todd, Queen of the Drunken Sods!

  4. Yeeah, Captain Dan's rap!

    Ye Kweeny Todd, Queen of Queens. Bleehhh, sloopy pirate name!

    Random! Cute picture at the end.


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