Wednesday, 14 September 2011

People Dig Me? I hope it's not a shallow grave...

Nah, Pixie wouldn't do that to me. She actually likes me enough to give me an award! Isn't that sweet? My first blog award! I've only had this blog a few months, so I feel honored. Glad people enjoy my brand of madness. I feel like I should do a Miss America crying fit. All snotty tears and adjusting my half-bent tiara while holding some dead flowers I forgot to water...

But I'm Canadian so I can't be Miss America. THERE GOES THAT NON-EXISTENT DREAM!

*cough* Anyhow...People dig me. So that's good enough. :)

So there's some rules attached to the award...of course! Nothing is free right? But they are fun rules so I will follow them just this once. I don't hate rules, they are useful sometimes. As long as they amuse me, I'll play along. Plus, these rules are about spreading the love. And I am full of love under my lazy, cynical facade. So without further rambles from my sleep deprived mind...

iDig Your Blog Award Protocol:
1 ) Gratefully accept this award.
2 ) Link to the person you received it from.
3 ) Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4 ) Pass this award around to at least 5 blogs you dig.
5 ) Notify them.

1) I bow to the powers of the blogging underworld and accept this tribute in honor of my hard work and slavish devotion to awesome. Thank you very much for proving to me people read this silly blog, and actually think I'm a fun time! Yay!

2) If you haven't already, go to Pixie's Horror Galore. She's devoted to awesome too, I've read her blog. Her posts are quirky, fun, interesting and sometimes completely out there. And I love that kind of creative weirdness! She's my kind of people. Thanks for the love doll!

3 Facts about me:

I sucked my thumb as a kid. I now suck other things as an adult.
My Drag King name is TYRONE. True Story! I make a very handsome looking man.
The top three most interesting jobs I've ever had is working as staff for several conventions, being a writer/editor, and once when I was 16 I worked as a carnie for a few weeks. And yes, they really are scary people. At least the ones I worked for were.

4 ) Hmm...only 5? I dig more than five...But I will look and make sure that the ones I pick haven't gotten the award yet, so we can spread it farther. Plus, it's nice to give others a chance to feel appreciated. If you've already been appreciated than you don't need my love! (ah I'm kidden, you know I love you anyhow, or I wouldn't stalk I mean FOLLOW your blog.)

My 5 6 are: Because her blog is full of Art, Magic, and she's Canadian! Because I love the concept of his blog! Because Marvin entertains me and inspired me when I needed something to write about. J.Astro is a dirty little awesome place to visit. And he was fun to draw. Amazing artist! Check out his stuff!

And one more...because he's too awesome not to be on here and I take care of my Canadain peeps:

And that's my fab 6! I had to add one more because when people are good to me, I'm good to them. Of course, if I have followed you, I dig your blog already. So feel free to snag this puppy on that basis alone. Thanks again Pixie for

sharing the love.<3 And I'm out...


  1. Always amuses the Hell outta me, watching your reaction to finding out people like you.

    Congrats on what is sure to be te first of many awards. <3

  2. Awesome THANKS!

    I have a link up to your blog now in my THANK YOU section, and talked specifically about this post here:

    Thanks again for the interest!

    Keep up the great work.

  3. *gives Phil a look* sssssshhh you!

    *fist bumps Kev* Hey, you rock! And thanks for the shout out!

  4. Kweeny, I am honoured. Thank you. I like you too. You're just the brand of off the wall I favour. You may not like me any more though. I don't like participating in pass the hat games. I'm the first one to hit the trash button when I receive chain mail too. Yes, I know I live on the edge and I know I'm a party pooper... but it would be the death of me to trash your party so I say "Let the heads roll!" and thanks again!

  5. Bahahahaha you are so FRIGGIN FUNNY!!! and you def my people!! i couldnt stop cracking as i read this and that last "Like a Boss" bit was EPIC!!!

    And thanks for the sweet words you def deserve it can't believe i didnt find your blog sooner!

  6. hahaha - BIIIIIGGG emphasis on the "dirty"/ ;)

    Thanks a bazillion, Kweeny!! I'm glad you enjoy my senseless online ranting & goofing off. I enjoy yours as well. You yourself are like a BOSS!

  7. I've just given you a shoutout as well. Thanks for following...

  8. For that you get added to the "I dig your blog" roll! Take the award and bow like a princess!

  9. This is really cool. I was just starting to feel a little unloved as a blogger, so this was a definite pick-me-up. And I'll certainly pass this along when I get a few spare minutes. And BTW, your blog is awesome too.

  10. Congratulations Kweeny. Rock on!

  11. Lol @ Like a boss.

    Congrats on the award, you deserve it! :P


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