Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 26: In Kweeny's Gory Kingdom...

We had our Halloween Pumpkin Massacre! I thought I'd document the event in pictures. I got a pumpkin for me, my roomie, and my hubby Bear. We all got together tonight and slaughtered our pumpkins until they were ready for Halloween! This is my first Halloween living with my husband. We have had Halloween together before, but we never got to do things like pumpkin carving. This year I get to share this tradition. It makes me feel like a big kid again. 

On with the photo show!

Bear decides using a butcher knife for the tops of the pumpkins was best. I didn't argue, he had the knife after all.

I thought it would be nice to start a Halloween tradition of watching  Nightmare Before Christmas while we gutted our pumpkins.

My roomie Savanna is getting her hands dirty with pumpkin guts...

While I separate the seeds from the guts as best I can, so we can roast them later.

She gets her hands right in there! 

Mmmm yummy!

Soaking the seeds in salt water for baking later.

Bear decides to help out. This is his favourite part of the process.

Adding the stencil on for carving. Yup, that's electrical tape. It's what we had on hand.

Jack entertains us in the background while we get messy in the kitchen.


Adding Bear's stencil on with classy electrical tape.

See how much he likes killing carving pumpkins?

I'm working hard on my pumpkin.

See? I really do turn into a kid when I'm carving. :)

Bear's finished pumpkin....yes he is a bit insane folks. He has to be to be married to me.

Savanna and her lovely pumpkin.

Me making out with my pumpkin.

Of course, they look SO MUCH COOLER lit up.

Wicked Witch

The Pumpkin King

Scary Face

And we will have delicious seeds to eat after! WOOT!
I think now we are set for Halloween. How's your preparations going? 


  1. Awesome! I love your pumpkins and your hair color looks amazing!

    We just hosted a pumpkin carving party over the weekend and it was a ton of fun! I LOVE carving pumpkins! :)

  2. Thanks hon! I am quite happy with both my pumpkin and my hair. :)

    I saw the pics of your party! Looks like a blast. You seem like such a cool chick. If I lived closer to you I'd make you my buddy. <3

  3. Awesome! Oh, I love those pumpkin seeds. This is what I miss the most about not being at my parents.

    Great creativity!

  4. Thanks so much Ivy! I love gutting the pumpkins and roasting the seeds after. Yum!

  5. Hello Kweeney....
    the Doctor here .... I still have 15 pumpkins to carve.... All but three were heavily poisoned with DDT... No seed eating here ....But lots of "pumpkin guts".... I will be posting photos...

  6. Hey Dr. Theda,

    That's a lot of pumpkins to carve! Sorry to hear about the seeds though. I can't wait to see your pictures!


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