Thursday, 11 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 11

Sadly this will be my last batch of films until I get home Sunday. I am off to Larp in the woods and be away from the internet. Lucky for me I will be distracted and having fun, so I won't be missing the internets all that much. ;)

I got a good batch of films in today too, even a few black and white classics. Gotta go out with a bang right?

Warlock (103 mins/1989)

Kweeny's Rating: 3 1/2 witches out of 5

Summary: This sexy beast of a warlock escapes the 17th century to find some evil grimoire of all grimoires that has the true name of god, and if said aloud, will undo creation. Yup, that's the plot. It's kinda laughable, but if you don't take it too seriously it's a fun movie. And did I mention Julian Sands is the warlock and is dead sexy in it? Cuz well...he is.

Bigfoot (84 mins/1970)

Kweeny's Rating: Aaaarg My Fucking Eyes!

Summary: Bigfoot and his family kidnap a bunch of bimbos. I will say more on this movie on Saturday, when AMFE get's posted. Mad Jester and I will tear this piece of anal floss apart!

The Wolfman (70 mins/1941)

Kweeny's Rating: *howls*

Summary: The classic woman story in black and white! I love this campy film. Probably because I have a huge love for werewolves. They are my favorite beastie. If you don't know the story, a man get's attacked by a werewolf, and an old gypsy lady tells his girlfriend he's cursed and will turn into the werewolf. He will kill all in his path, and howl at the moon, and get real hairy and have bad breath. Okay, so I added the bad breath part. I figure it's bound to happen when you eat a lot of people. People can be gassy and get stuck in your teeth after all. He of course tries to fight it (he's a man of reason after all!) but it's no use. The wolf will always have it's day.

Werewolf of London (75 mins/1935)

Kweeny's Rating: *scratches herself and sniffs the air)

Summary: I thought I'd follow up my werewolf kick with another black and white classic. I love the effects they use in the old films for turning people into werewolves. They are kinda cheesy. This one is about some doctor who needs to use the juice of a tibetan flower to keep himself from turning into a wolf. Wooo exciting! Actually I don't find this film as good as The Wolfman. I do enjoy The Wolfman more. I did see the remake of The Wolfman in theatres. I enjoyed it probably more than I should have.

And that's probably gonna do it for me for the week, unless I can squeeze in another by Sunday's end. I didn't do too bad as is though. Got some transformations in and lots of movies I haven't seen in years. I'm ready for next week for sure! Gonna fit Repo! in before all this is done! You just watch me!

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