Wednesday, 10 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 10

Been a crazy day, but I did manage a few more movies to squeeze in for the marathon. Heck, even got a Buffy episode in too!

So here's what I've watched today:

Interview With The Vampire (123 mins/1994)

Kweeny's Rating: 3 1/2 fangs out of 5

Summary: Well I have to admit, as a young teenager I was very drawn to Anne Rice and her vampire beauties. I know her series was kind of the start of the whole beautiful-boyish-vamp-look, but even here in IWTV they still had fangs, still killed people and were still predators. They seemed to have lost their fangs with things like Twitlight, so watching this movie made me somewhat nostalgic. I know it's cheese, and not exactly what a lot of us Anne Rice fans truly wanted for the series, but it has some wonderful moments, and it's at least better than that long ass rock video they called Queen of the Damned.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (100 mins/1975)

Kweeny's Rating: 4 lipstick kisses out of 5

Summary: Ah Rocky Horror! I looooove this movie! Of course nothing beats seeing it live. My friends decided we needed some musical goodness so we popped this baby in while crafting for the LARP. I always get jealous watching Tim Curry walk in heels, because I could never walk so seductively as he does. I'm going to be singing Sweet Transvestite for days now...But I have other stuff I will be singing too.

Buffy: Once More With Feeling (45 mins/2001)

Kweeny's Rating: Walk Through The Fire! 

Summary: This has to be one of my top favourite episodes of Buffy the series. Not just because the songs are well crafted and catchy, but because of the all the plot ties woven in, the emotional depth of the characters, the dance routines...all of it is pretty awesome. There's even a cute song with Tara and Willow, and a pretty awesome sexy song by Spike. Damn he has one hell of a sexy voice. Mmm...

*cough* So um, that concludes my Madness for today...more to come tomorrow and Friday morning before I am off to the woods to beat people with foam weapons! I will have to make up for my missed days later on  next week.

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  1. Neither of the other two can hold a candle to "Rocky Horror Picture Show." That movie rocks!

    Jolie du Pre
    Precious Monsters


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