Tuesday, 9 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 9

Since I had a lot of crafting to do for the LARP event this weekend, I decided I should have a Troma marathon for THE MADNESS. I do love some Troma cheese. I am a huge fan of these terrible movies, mostly because I know they are done purposely bad and with lots of love...and gore...and boobies...and...

*coughs* Anyhow, I got four Troma films in tonight:

Toxic Avenger (87 mins/1984)

Kweeny's Cheese Rating: Super Hero Corndog!

Summary: This movie is classic Troma goodness! Essential viewing for any fan of Tromaville! In fact, this little "superhero" put the studio on the map because no one had seen anything quite as...odd as this before. If you follow this blog regularly you know I am a huge supporter of Troma, and Lloyd Kaufman pretty much inspired me to do my own low budget film. The film's premise is pretty simple and silly: A nerdy mop boy is tossed into a vat of chemical waste and transformed into: THE TOXIC AVENGER!
Lots of corny jokes, boobs, gore, boobs, butt kicking and of course...BOOBS. A nerd transformed into a hero-monster should get me a few points don't you think readers?

Class of Nuke 'Em High (85 mins/1986)

Kweeny's Cheese Rating: Old School Shlock

Summary: I'm glad high school wasn't this messed up for me. Seriously. I didn't have to deal with mutated bullies, monsters coming out of vats of toxic waste, and weed that made me transform into mutant monsters. There is a scene in this movie that reminds me why I never wanna have children. It's total nightmare fuel for pregnant women.

Poultrygiest: Night of the Chicken Dead (103 mins/2006)

Kweeny's Cheese Rating: Finger Licking Good.

Summary: I think this one has become my favourite Troma movie to date. I just...I friggen love it. From undead-chicken-mutant-monsters, to a Mexican-gay-talking-chicken-sandwich...this movie has it all. Oh and did I mention it's a friggen MUSICAL? Well it is. And I have a soft spot for the weird musicals. The songs in this movie always get stuck in my head.

The Toxic Avenger 2 (96 mins/1989)

Kweeny's Cheese Rating: Family Fun Time!

Summary: While I do enjoy the tales of Toxie, this one is probably the weaker of the series. Toxie goes on a quest to find his father, only to find out his dad is a drug smuggling asshole. And while he's gone, he leaves Tromaville open to nastiness! OH NOES! What will Toxie do? kick some ass? Make out with his big breasted blind girlfriend? You'll have to watch to find out...because I am too lazy to tell you the end.

And that concludes today's movie picks for the marathon. What will I watch tomorrow? I have no clue. I tend to just go with my gut on these things. Today just felt like a Troma day.

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  1. Toxie is my Hero, and of course Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. ... gotta love Tromaville. ;-)


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