Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Halloween Countdown: Tasty Treats From Canada!

That's right gang! I finally got my candies today from my friend and art goddess here on the blog Patricia Young! She's the one responsible for those adorable cartoons of me and the gang here on the blog. Because of her, Kweeny Todd looks snazzy in cartoon form!

And since I am the Demon Blogger of Canadia, I am trapped between worlds, and sometimes I do miss the comforts of home. Little things that ketchup chips, poutine and Canadian chocolate. Not that you Americans don't have your own fine chocolates, there is something special about Canadian chocolate. It tastes like home. And Trish was awesome enough to not only send me chocolate from home, but HALLOWEEN THEMED chocolate from home!

So I made a video to honor this moment! Watch as I dork out and open my present like a cracked-out squirrel with a nut!

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  1. We have KitKat and Smarties in Austria too, but we have no real Halloween and so we don't have such cool Halloween variations *boohoo*

    Fun video. Love the part where you go from singing "My present! Oh Yeah!" to "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!" :D


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