Monday, 1 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 2

YAY! It's finally October! Bring on the Halloween candy and horror movies! It's time for the Halloween Countdown!

I'm actually expecting an awesome package to come sometime this week or next week with Halloween treats from CANADA! HELL YEAH BITCHES! I don't think you guys understand how awesome that is for me. I haven't had Canadian chocolate in over a year, let alone HALLOWEEN chocolate from home! I think I shall even make a video to honor the occasion once the chocolate arrives. So you can see me enjoy my treats while I continue my Blogathon of Horror Movie MADNESS!

Today's movie picks for the Contest are these two awesome films:
It's hard being an undertaker.
Comedy of Terrors (84 min/1963)

Kweeny's Rating: 4 out of 5

Summary: A delightfully Vaudevillian style dark comedy about a couple of despicable undertakers who kill people to drum up business. Seriously, that's the plot. It's awesome and twisted, and has another great performance from Mr. Price. His lines in this film are just awesome, and I love the banter his character has with his very tone-deaf wife. There were times I felt like ripping out my ear drums to spare myself from her horrible singing. Sweeney Todd was ready to rip her throat out until I told him it was all cool, she was just on TV and couldn't hurt him anymore. It's hard living with a singing, serial-killing barber in your head. JEEZE...

You going to help a girl out with directions,
or are you gonna stare at her chest all day?
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (96 mins/1988) 

Kweeny's Rating: 5 boobs out of 5 
(Of course I'm gonna love this film! DUH!)

Summary: This movie is classic Elvira, right down to the big beehive hair! It has all the things you'd expect from a film of this *cough* caliber: corny sex jokes, dark humor, boobs, commentary on her lifestyle, looks and dealing with judgmental prudes! It's a lot of fun. Also, you get some great shots of her! Damn I want that car...


I didn't get in as many movies today, but no worries. I got LOTS of time to catch up.  A girl needs to pace herself. And I appreciate my darling Lord Bearington helping to encourage this insanity by watching movies with me when he can. It's good to have supportive weirdos around you, cheering you on! 

Feel free to suggest movies you think I should watch during the madness. If they fit within the rules I'll totally watch them! 


  1. Both those movies are great choices!!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Tis the horrific season!

    I loved Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, awesome choice!


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