Thursday, 19 December 2013


This the season...for HORROR SWAG! Recently I got two awesome things in the mail as holiday gifts, and I am very excited about them. My friends are wicked, and know how to make a creepy girl like me feel loved. I do have a twisted sense of humor.

So I thought I'd share some of the awesome stuff I've gotten! First let me show you a gift I got from my friend Randi in Canada:

So imagine if you will, my reaction when I opened this package. I was like a hyper wolf pup reunited with her packmates. I think I literally squeed with delight, which is a rare thing to come out of my fowl mouth.

I was like 8 again. It was awesome.

I had my own copies of these long ago, but I lost them as sometimes happens to treasured things. So when Randi said she was giving away these books, I was willing to throw money at her to get them.

But because she loves me and it's Creepmas, I got them as gifts!


Another wonderful gift I got was some neat swag from my good friend Eric's Guts and Grog blog! It's a great blog, do check it out! I felt honored to receive such gifts! I got pins, a sweet shirt, a nice postcard from the movie Trollhunter, (which is an awesome movie btw) and this crazy-cool booklet of H.P. Lovecraftian monsters! I friggen love it!

Tis the season to be scary! Thank you ever so much Eric and Randi for the gifts! I feel the Creepmas spirit. I love my blogging community and my Canadian friends. :)

Also for those interested: I am throwing a NECROFEAST of my own on the 27th! I'm super stoked! Friends have offered their house, some are bringing Lovecraftian carols to sing! I love my West Coast family too! It's so weird to say that. I spent most my life living mainly on the East Coast. I am loving it here though! Can't wait to bring the creepy into the holidays!

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  1. Tis the season to be scary! So glad I happened upon your blog Kweeny! Everyone should be 8 again. Not 17. I didn't care much for 17, but 8 was great! I'm on my way over to Guts and Grogs. Thanks for the tip!


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