Tuesday, 8 July 2014


As some of you who follow my instagram and personal Facebook page know, I am thinking of starting a small business making things. Artsy fartsy things. Currently I am working on some bone art and a re-purposed jewelry box.  I would love to make more things, and actually open up a storenvy somewhere to sell my wares, but it takes time to get enough product going. Plus, I need more funds to get more supplies to make a variety of things.

So to help raise some money so I can buy more materials to make more things (like I want to make bone jewelry, shadowboxes, wands, etc.) I thought up this idea...


That's right, I am offering up my current bone art work as commission! I have a large collection of cruelty free bones I am currently processing that could go to loving homes. I will make you a custom bone art piece, any design you fancy on a beautiful bone. Depending on the size of bone, detail of the concept, time used etc, determine the pricing below.. And you have to understand that the design needs to fit on a bone. You'll be surprised what fits on bones though. I do enjoy putting monsters on bones. ;)

Here are some examples of my work:

Shown in pictures are medium sized bones.

Smaller custom bone pieces will be $30 -$50 +shipping (I have very few of these so once they are gone, they are gone.)
Medium bones $60-$80+shipping
Larger bones $100-125+shipping

I will also paint any bones sent to me as well! Prices will vary depending on the bones you send, how clean they are, etc. I would love to do more skulls for folks, as I only have 2 skulls in my possession and he's in my personal collection. I need my coyote trickster friend! I recently acquired a new little skull. It was badly chewed up and in pieces, so I painted them up. Still working on some of the jaw pieces, but I finished the mostly whole skull:

I will ask for more if the design requested is very elaborate. All of these bones are cruelty free. No animals were harmed to make them, and all are processed, cleaned, hand painted and sealed by yours truly. I really enjoy doing them, and I want to make more and open a store.

So if you have a commission please contact me at queenie.writes@gmail.com with your name, size preference, and detailed description of the design you fancy. I will also need shipping info once the bone is finished.

THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT SO FAR GUYS! I'm finally getting brave enough to do this because people have been asking me if I have a store or if I do commissions. 


  1. Lovely work. I mean lovely in that creepy way I like so much.


    1. Thank you! I am stoked to do more of these for people in the future! :)


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