Friday, 22 August 2014

Kweeny Goes to Gencon Indy 2014!

I am back from an epic week in Indianapolis, where I once again roamed the wilds of GENCON! I had a blast, and figured since I have started doing the vlog thing a bit more, I would share some of my adventures with you in a video!

I did all the larping guys. All of it.  Dressing up with my husband was pretty fun. But I think his teeth are bigger than mine.

Just look at those choppers!
I even got quite a bit of swag on my trip, so I made a separate video just for that. Go to my Channel to check out more videos!

All and all, a successful event! Meeting John Horrodude was great too, because you never know who you are going to run into at a convention. Even though I am primarily a horror-fan, I love many, many things such as chasing Deadpools around and gaming.

If you are curious about my interview with John HorrorDude, check it out here.

Four awesome days of gaming and geekery!

Also as a side note, I have an article in the new Living Dead Magazine issue, and the magazine is huge this time guys! Biggest issue yet about the Legends of Horror! Check it out!

Hopefully I will get back to reviewing things soon. It's been a busy summer and I do have the HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIE MADNESS coming up! I am a judge again this year which should be great fun!

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  1. My computer doesn't have sound. :( But that looks awesome. I have to start going to cons other than Otakon.

    Congrats on the article!


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