Monday, 15 October 2012

Halloween Countdown: Creepy Cool Party Ideas...

So I asked Lord Bearington today where his Halloween spirit was and he pointed at me and said, "She's sitting right there in the chair." I couldn't help but smile. I suppose for him, I am his embodiment of the Spirit of Halloween. I was thinking of some nifty ideas for party snacks and decorations. I thought why not collect a few of them here for you guys to enjoy too! Let's pretend I can throw a party over the internet, and that you are all invited! Here are some things you might find at my Halloween Horror Party...


You might find I've put out some tasty punch that has...strange things floating in it. A ghostly hand reaching out to you from beyond the grave... (To do this effect, get an unpowered latex glove, fill it with water and freeze it)

And some bone-chilling munchies to snack on... (made with pretzel sticks, marshmallows and white chocolate)

A couple wrapped up mummy dogs (made with phyllo dough, cheese, hot dogs, garlic, pepper & salt)

And of course, a little something alcoholic for the adults:

Let's pig out and watch a couple horror movies! What you say gang?

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