Monday, 15 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 15

So I got quite a few shows and movies in today. Sitting around relaxing after my busy weekend was good for me. Gonna do a bit more of that tomorrow and catch up in my marathon duties. Here is the assortment of things I watched today:

American Dad: Best Little Horror House In Langley Falls (22 mins/2005)

Kweeny's Rating: Slasherific

Summary:  Since it's Halloween themed, I decided to watch this one. Stan set up his own haunted house, only to be outdone by one of his neighbors. He kinda goes overboard then and uses his CIA connections to get real serial killers for his haunted house. Of course it's a bad idea, and they escape when Roger let's them free.

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us (93 mins/2012)

Kweeny's Rating: Howling at the moon

Summary: I love some good werewolf stuff, and anyone who reads the blog regularly knows that. And while this film was kinda neat with it's steampunk bent, a couple really cool scenes, and a vampire gets his ass handed to him by the werewolf, overall it's rather bland for a werewolf story. I know they threw a vampire in there, almost like a last ditch effort to try and keep people entertained. The effects were subpar for the werewolf. Though it did have an awesome line from the vampire, " Why do all the women I woo end up screaming?"

The Return Of Dracula (77 mins/1958)

Kweeny's Rating: Blood Sucking

Summary: This was a bit of black and white shlock where Dracula come back from the dead to get more bitches to be his vamp hoes, only to die AGAIN in the most lame, boring way ever! He litterally falls into a bit and gets staked on some pointy broken boards that were sticking up. That's it. Movie just ends and we are left feeling like Dracula is the bitch for once.

The Vampire's Ghost (59 mins/1945)

Kweeny's Rating: Drums and Crosses

Summary: This one was a little weird, but I kinda liked it. This vampire has been hanging around this small African port, feeding off villagers and just doing his thing, but he's getting tired of it. So out of boredom he makes some friends and tries to turn a girl he likes into a vampire. It doesn't work mind you, as humans love to meddle in vampire affairs.

The Walking Dead (45 mins/2010-)

Kweeny's Rating: Get in the house Carl!

Summary: In this episode Carl finds his family again, realizes his best bud was sleeping with is wife, and people kill a lot of undead. Also: Daryl is hawt. *fans self* I do enjoy this show. I thought I'd backtrack so I can refresh my memory on what's happening.

And that's today's pickings. Not too shabby!

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