Sunday, 14 October 2012

HHMMM: Day 14

I'm back from the Larp, tired, sore but I had an AMAZING TIME! I played my gypsy character and got dressed up, good roleplaying, and epic adventure! I'm telling you folks, you haven't partied until you go to a gypsy party!

Anyhow, I got in a movie in tonight, so here's my contribution to the marathon:

Frankenstein (256 mins/2004)

Kweeny's Rating: It's Alive!

Summary: I had never seen this when it was on television, and Bearington said he wanted to see it so we put this in tonight. And it is very much a made-for-tv production, broken into two parts. I watched both, and together it's like nearly 3 hours long! There is just a feel these kind of movies have so you can tell them apart from other films. It follows the novel more closely, filling in details you'd pick up if you read the book. Was it any good? It was kinda mediocre. (The book is much better, but that is to be expected with these things.) It left me a little flat and I love the Frankenstein story.

What will I watch tomorrow. Probably quite a bit of stuff, since I need to rest and recooperate from the epic Larp experience I just had.

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