Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 18: Canadian Content: CANDY CANDY CANDY

Nothing says Halloween like candy. If there is anything all holidays have in common it's the fact they all have a food associated to them. Candy is Halloween's food. At least it has become so thanks to consumer culture.

Kids and adults alike LOVE candy. Sugar is a pretty popular substance. Even those of us who are supposed to limit our sugar intake know we are missing out on something awesome when it comes to candy. It's fun, it's colorful, and it's tasty. I figured it would be fun if I shared with you my favourite Canadian Halloween candies, and what I believe is the worst Candy ever made. At this time of year, you get all your treats bite size and plenty of them. And I am a chocoholic. I love pretty much anything chocolate related. So my specialty is chocolate.

Some of my favourite chocolate I can't get this side of the border. Such chocolates I miss from my country are:

I love these silly little Canadian chocolate bars. They have little bubbles of awesome in them and melt sweetly in your mouth. Otherwise they are pretty much solid milk chocolate. Sometimes, you just want the simple  things. Have you felt the bubbles melt?

 I also miss these colorful guys, Smarties. In the USA, when I mention Smarties people think I am talking about these:

Which is not the same thing. In Canada, we call the little sugar candies here Rockets. The chocolate Smarties are kinda like M&M's, except the shell is thinner and the chocolate tastes different. When you eat your Smarties, do you eat the red ones last? 

I also miss these little guys...
Delicious coffee flavoured wafers covered in milk chocolate. You'd think America would be all over something like that, with all the coffee around here. I have never seen so much coffee anywhere! But sadly, these are a Canadian delicacy. Do you like your coffee crisp? No, I like my Coffee Crisp!

This little melt in your mouth bar of delicious winsauce is filled with caramel and when you bite into it, it just fills your mouth with yummy caramel goo. I seriously loved these things. What is the Caramilk Secret?

And those are a few of my favourite Canadian chocolates I miss. I love lots of different types of Halloween Candy though, from gummy worms, to totsie pops. Yummy! But if there is one Halloween candy I just detest out of them all, it has to be these:

Does ANYONE actually like this crap? Candy Corn...ICK! It's disgusting and it's everywhere this time of year. It's the fruit cake of the season. They make tons of it, and I swear they make it out of the wax off the ends of used candles. I'd like to think they are made of wax from evil ritual candles, because that would be cool, but it's likely ear wax. It looks and tastes like ear wax! Cheap bastards! It's the worst thing about Halloween. Even Lewis Black thinks so:

"Candy Corn! Corn that tastes like Candy! I cant wait...SON OF A BITCH!"

You hit the nail on the head Lewis. If only we could keep Candy Corn buried in a coffin six feet deep.


  1. I promise I'll bring you a care package with Aeros, Smarties and Timmy's coffee as soon as I can. :)

  2. Nice post (Some of these candies I have never heard of before, like coffee crisps) Sorry but the Doctor will be out of comission for a bit ....sucks I know....

  3. @Phil: YAY!

    @ Dr. Theda: I'm glad I could introduce you to some Canadian Delicacies. ;)


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