Sunday, 12 May 2013

May Monster Madness 02: Kweeny Top 10 Modern Day Creature Features!

In the darkness, the creatures lurk. The monsters, the mutations, the aliens, the damned. They sound like my kind of people! Pull up a chair my ghoulish gang, and let me show you some of my favorite modern day Creature Features! We will start this list from the early 90's onward! In no particular order I present you...


The Host 2006

For whatever reason, be it chemical waste or whatever, a creature rises from the Seoul's Han river and runs amok in South Korea. And it's friggen AWESOME to watch!

The Mist 2007

Because Maine is the center of weird ass shit, we find a group of survivors trying to hang in there when creatures of other worldly origin attack their small town. Pretty neat special effects, with some really interesting characters making hard choices.

The Decent 2005

Take a traumatized woman and her friends and trap them underground while spelunking.  What happens? Watch the movie and find out! 

Dog Soldiers 2002

Werewolves fight trained Scottish military soldiers. Enough said! 

Bats 1999

I tend to find bats adorable, but this film turns them into genetically-modified, blood-thirsty bitches. If you fear bats in any way, you might wanna steer clear of this one.

Splinter 2008

A weird "splintering" parasite turns people into...well...just look at the image above. *shivers*

Pandorum 2009

A smart sci-fi horror about a crew stranded in a ship, who have all lost their memories, and realize slowly they are going insane. OR ARE THEY?

Eight Legged Freaks 2002


I Am Legend 2007

Will Smith's character (which to me is just Will Smith being a sadder Will Smith) is the sole survivor of a world over-run by zombie-vampire things. Oh, and he has an awesome dog.

Tremors 1990

Friggen classic movie about strange worm-like creatures who love to eat anything, especially people! Also has a great cast of characters, funny dialogue and some neat wormy beasties!

Those are but a few of my favorites. Each of them have some interesting monsters in them, and for some, the monster is what lurks within that transforms them! Come back tomorrow for more Monster Madness! 


  1. All pretty freaky creatures... I do love Dog Soldiers... still freaks me out, but I'll watch it again:)

  2. Great list! Love almost all of them.

  3. The day before watching Dog Soldiers, me and the OH took a wrong turn in a country lane and ended up at a farm that looked like it had been abandoned for decades, except for the lights burning in the farmhouse. When we watched the movie we realised what a lucky escape we might have had - haha!

    1. Heh awesome. It's always fun when movies can relate somehow to real life events you are experiencing.

  4. Tremors! Holy crap, yes! And you're right I am legend is just Will Smith with his sad face on, loved the zombie thingys though! Weirdly, I think I read a point horror book when I was a kid called The Mist with the same premise as this movie, though I think it was set here in Aus or in NZ and not in creeptastic Maine! Despite how many creepy things come out of Maine I still really want to go there!
    Anywhoo, great list, my lovely, here's my MMM'S for today Carmen Jenner Author and Book Me!
    Happy Hopping! =D

    1. Hmmm...I could be wrong about Mist, but Stephen King loves setting his stuff in Maine, and The Mist is a Stephen King flick. :)

  5. Eight Legged Freaks! Hell yeah! I have to watch it NOW! Cool post. Here's my day II MMM at Design du Jour.

  6. Oh, and your post on Weapons in Movies is rad!

    1. I have a whole series of posts! I call them the Wicked Weapons posts. You can find them on the link on the right side labelled Wicked Weapons. :)

  7. "just Will Smith being a sadder Will Smith" so very true. And funny.

  8. Whoa! Creepy Monster overload! ;) Out of all those movies I have only seen 'I am Legend.' Will Smith doesn't bother me and I like watching his movies. His kids on the other hand should get out of the spotlight. Obnoxious.

    1. Oh yes, his kids ARE obnoxious! Totally agree with ya there.

      And I am glad to provide a creepy Monster Overload. *bows and exists stage left*

  9. Awesome blog sista girl! Nice to meet you! *shakes your hand*


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