Wednesday 1 May 2019

Hello Monsterkids, welcome to the Kweeny Todd Blog!

After putting all my energy into weekly updating my YouTube Channel the last couple years, I have decided I dont have the time or energy to keep up with thos blog. If you have found my presence through my other social media, them feel free to read the old blog posts here. I'm not taking them down, even if I dont update here anymore. This blog helped me build the confidence enough to do YouTube, so I'm gonna keep it up for that reason, if nothing else. But if you want more from me, here are my social media links I use from my most used to the least used platforms. Thank you to all my blogger friends I have made, for all the comments and support! 💚🖤🐺

The Kweeny Todd Show on Youtube:
Kweeny Todd on Patreon:
Marrow Minded Crafts on Storenvy:
Kweeny Todd on Twitter: @kweenytodd
Kweeny Todd on FB:
Kweeny Todd on Instagram: @kweenytodd
Marrow Minded Crafts on Instagram: @marrowmindedcrafts

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