Sunday, 29 April 2012

In Kweeny's Gory Kingdom The Haters Gonna Hate

Because they are everywhere. And there is nothing that gets my blood boiling more than people who feel entitled to spread their hate, forcing it down our throats because it suits them. They just assume we want, no NEED their opinions. I can froth at the mouth pretty effectively when someone decides for me what is right for me, or when they impose their opinion on me with prejudice and stupidity. 

*inhales deeply* And now that I got my words back and am only slightly annoyed instead of pissed-the-fuck-off, I can write an effective rant. And I think it's time for a little venom. Especially since this time, it was my scaly baby snake that was the target of hate. I knew it was bound to happen. I don't think said person who inspired my wrath knew who they were messing with though. 

But first, let's look at a couple adorable pictures of the victim in question:

Baby Geoffrey hanging in his skull.
Baby Geoffrey in Mom's snuggie.
Baby Geoffrey hanging out on my arm.

He's as cute as a mother-fucking button. Just look at him! His head is the size of my finger nail! This little guy is still getting used to us, and is a bit skittish around people. I mean we are bigger than him, and when they are this small, snakes are prey. Could something so small, so fragile, so terrified really hurt you?

The answer is no. 

But if he was a furry critter of some sort (Which make me horribly ill if you didn't know already) there would be less bashing and more "D'awww! So gosh darn cute OMG." all over my FB page. Lucky for me he has a lot of fans, which makes me feel good. People love seeing pics of him, even the one I posted of him feeding...

But he's a snake.

And snakes have haters.

What got me all riled up to post this wasn't the hating on snakes. People are people. They are scared of animals like snakes, and usually it's for good reason. There is a threat that is built up that snakes can kill you and yada yada. And some really can! Here's a picture of my favourite deadly snake, The King Cobra:

This beauty will mess up your day.
 There are deadly species of snakes all over the world. Just like there are deadly species of cats. Think a Lion wont eat your dumb ass if you go trying to pet it in the wild? Go and try. I'll laugh and hold my camera to take pictures.

But this little critter IS A FUCKING CORNSNAKE. The most he can do is nip at you a bit with his dinky little fangs. He's a predator, but so are cats when left to their own devices. Cats eat meat too. But they are furry and look harmless and all the stupid excuses people use to love them. Snakes are NOT. They don't do tricks. They don't need constant care. They are independent, scaly, etc. And most of all "OMFG THEY ARE SCARY" so it's okay to go onto someone's personal page and bash snakes, right?

*rolls eyes* 

Fear makes people stupid. Snakes are not the only victims of this. Lovers of the horror genre get this rap too. I have been bashed on my entire life for being brave and stubborn enough to live how I choose. I don't conform to a mold. I dye my hair funny colors. I have tattoos. I'm gothy and weird. I love horror, obsessively. I find books, video games and movies comforting. I like to write stories. I run a silly blog for fun and don't expect fame or fortune from it. I seldom do things to make other people happy, and the only time I do put myself out for others is if it doesn't compromise who I am. I can be giving without being a tool. So yes, I may be a little nerd-raging over the recent insult my snake got just because he exists, but I KNOW what that feels like. Intimately. I know what it means to be bullied by the world for existing. This to me, while only a mild form (The snake has no idea she said anything nor would he care. I love that about him) was crossing a line. I don't go onto personal pages of my FB friends when they post pics of their animals and scrawl, "I hate cats. They are scary." and walk away like it's nothing. I don't like cats. I just don't. At least my snake doesn't hork up fur balls for me to find in my bed! 

I'm fine with people having their own opinions and posting them in their own blogs, FB pages, etc. It's your playground. Just because their is a comment feature, doesn't give you the right to spread hate in someone else's playground. The internet wasn't invented for you to be a douchenozzle. Lots of people seem to think it was, but you're WRONG. Don't like my snake...don't look at him. I'm not going to change my world to make you comfy. My Gory Kingdom is my home. Remember that.

I will however have to be responsible for my own actions. But I am not responsible for your comfort. If I make you uncomfortable, maybe I'm not meant for you. A Kweeny is a special kind of creature who needs to be handled with care. Just like little Geoffrey.

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  1. I pink puffy heart you. And Geoffrey.

    I do have moments when I do not pink puffy heart Thomas Aquinas, the supposedly cute demon cat who occasionally tries to scratch my eyes out of my head. And sleeps on my feet. Which is cute, so I allow him to live. For now.

    Anyway, well said. Wish I could be that coherent when I'm filled with incoherent rage.


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