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I enlisted the help of my favorite bio-exorcist fans: Emma from Little Gothic Horrors and Maynard from Maynard's Horror Movie Diary, to help create this segment for all the fans out there of the "Ghost with the Most!" We adore the movie for so many reasons, and since we've all done reviews of our own, we decided it was time to do something different. Something that showed our geek pride and gave you the readers lots of neat Beetlejuice things to explore.

Are you ready to share in the love of Beetlejuice? WELL IT'S SHOWTIME! 

"5 Things You May Or May Not Know About Beetlejuice"


In 2008, German TV channel "RTL II" thought it wouldn't hurt to show Beetlejuice in the afternoon program – but only after cutting out everything that could scare the bejeesus out of the kids. The result: a botched and garbled censorship-disaster. 24 scenes missing, 3 minutes in total.

Wanna know what was cut out? Check the pics below. Yes, even the scene where Lydia writes about killing herself was cut...

Pics from


Back in 1989, Tim Burton's debut feature "Beetlejuice" was so insanely successful at the box office, the studios wanted a sequel as quick as possible. Burton wasn't that interested in doing a follow-up, but he had a few mildly funny ideas about a Beetlejuice-beach-movie, so he hired screenwriter Jonathan Gems to write a sequel, entitled "Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian".

The script got finished, Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder signed up to do the film, but only if Burton came back to the directors chair, but due to Burton's involvement in other projects and several other reasons (too many script rewrites, studios lost patience and interest), the movie gladly never came to fruition.


The German title of "Beetlejuice" is one of the dumbest Germanisations in history:


God damn, what a stupid title. It's hard to explain what it means, but I'll try.
Ok, "GEIST" is easy, that's "GHOST".

"LOTTER"... well, "lottern" is a dated German word that means something like "living a dissolute life". A "Lotter" is some kind of "prowler" or "tramp".

Note: these words aren't much in use nowadays, and they also weren't exactly popular in the 80s either. So, in german-speaking countries, our Bio-Exorcist is a 'prowling ghost' which makes kinda sense, but sounds stupid, at least to people who speak German. Bleh.


Somewhere in Burgenland , the least populous state of Austria, in a town called Mattersburg, there is a nice little pub called Beetlejuice. It's more of a traditional Irish pub and has nothing to do with the film, but according to an interview with the pub owners, they called it Beetlejuice because:

"...when you call his name three times in the movie, he appears and fulfills wishes. That's exactly how it works for our guests, they all get their wishes fulfilled."

Though obviously, the guests don't have to yell "Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice" everytime they'd like to order a glass of beer ;-)

Official Site:


I know nothing about the two German dance-music producers Volker Grabs and Ragi Swelim but I assume that they are fans of Beetlejuice because in 2002, they released a sillydance version of Harry Belafonte's "Banana Song" under the moniker 'BEETLE JUICE pres. RICK MANIAC & DR. LOOP'.

It's a really daft version of this awesome song, but at the least the music video is fun :-)

Youtube Link:



Are you a lover of the strange and unusual? Well, Emma Yardis has all the things you could possibly want and need in your life to make it strange and unusual! Here are Emma's Beetlejuice finds:

Beetlejuice Art

1. 'Strange and Unusual' by Mike Oncley

2. 'Beetlejuice' by Mike Mitchell

3. 'Miss Argentina' by Brittany W-Smith

4. 'Beetlejuice' by Michael Powell

Beetlejuice Costumes and Props
1. Step-by-step instructions for making a Lydia Deetz wedding dress.

2. Handbook for the Recently Deceased Replica Prop (Blank Journal) by n3do

3. Beetlejuice Business Cards by n3do

4. Step-by-step instructions for making monster masks for Adam and Barbara Maitland costumes.

Beetlejuice Cakes

In celebration of Tim Burton's 55th birthday in 2013, 100 bakers from around the world created cakes, inspired by his films, for the "Cakenweenie" project. Here are some of the Beetlejuice entries.

1."Snake from Beetlejuice" by Cece's Sweet Creations

2. "Harry the Hunter" by Sideserf Cake Studio

3. "Betelgeuse from Beetlejuice" by Sweet Catastrophe Cakes

4. "Adam from Beetlejuice" by High Five Cakes

Link for all the cakes:

Beetlejuice Clothes and Makeup

1. Beetlejuice eye makeup by makeup artist, Eva Senin Pernas.

2. Halloween Beetlejuice Dress.

3. I Myself Am Strange and Unusual T-shirt.

4. Handbook for the Recently Deceased T-Shirt.

Beetlejuice Wines

1. Beetle Juice Pinot Noir, a New Zealand wine from the Wooing Tree Vineyard.

2. Tilly Devine is an Australian Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon made by McClaren Vale Winery. It was named after the notorious madam and bootlegger, Matilda "Tilly" Devine, who arrived in Sydney after the First World War. Her name became rhyming slang for wine and apparently she was said to be found either behind prison bars or cocktail bars, hence the bars on the label. Of course, they're totally Burtonesque as well, and I think Tilly would have been just Betelgeuse's kind of girl.

Beetlejuice Miscellanea
1. 'Beetlejuice Terrarium

2. Beetlejuice Amigurumi Bunny

3. The actual screen-used prop coffin from 'Beetlejuice', which sold at auction for $5000.00 in 2011.

4. Sandworm Plushies

And last but not least, my contribution...I thought I'd show you all the creation I put together this month. If you've been following along with my progress (or guess from the theme of my blog) then you know I wanted to do my own version of the B-man this year for my Halloween costume. Last night I went to my first party, and showed people my bio-exorcist powers as...



I went to a Tim Burton themed party Saturday night, and much to my surprise won the costume contest! And there was a couple dressed to the nines as Sweeney Todd and Miss Lovett too, so I had some stiff competition! (And you all know how much I adore Sweeney Todd, so I of course thought they should win!)

Don't they look fab?

And yet the abomination of Lydia and Beetlejuice's union won...
Tasty goo...
Hey, think Alice will come home with me?
I think Miss Lovett doesn't want me creeping around.
Let's turn on the juice and see what shakes loose! 
What can I say, I'm the Ghost with the most babe. *winks* Like my costume? Hell, isn't this entire post not the most amazing Beetlejuice themed thing that ever lived? I think so. I thank my fellow blogging chums for joining me in celebrating one of my favorite iconic Tim Burton movies ever. We definitely love that weirdo Beetlejuice! 


  1. Ha, looks like we did a fan-fucking-tastic job :-) Thanks to you, Kweeny, and to Emma for inviting me! *yay* ^_^

    1. Hi Maynard - sorry I'm late (I did a cover reveal over the weekend). I loved all your Beetlejuice info. I think the fact I loved most is that there's an Irish pub in Austria named Beetlejuice. Funny! :-)

  2. Love this blog! I have to go watch this movie now.... Your costume rocks BTW, and I MUST go check out those plushie sand worms.

  3. Awesome! Yay us!! ;) I love all the interesting trivia you dug up, Maynard! And Kweenyjuice rules!

    1. Emma - Holy Paraphernalia, Batwoman! You have a ton of stuff, and I'm really impressed. I wish the Handbook for the Recently Deceased was real. I'd so like to read that. Great post! :-)

  4. Love this post! Emma and Maynard's contribution was awesome. I've mentioned before how much I adore Beetlejuice. He's my childhood crush and my very first crush. :D

  5. I hope the currently mooted sequel doesn't end up be anything like Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian. This was truly an exhaustive and informative post that did indeed teach me some things I didn't know about Beetlejuice.

  6. Excellent post you three! I love the movie - think the cartoon series is surprisingly good - and would have given Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian a chance!

  7. Queenie - Congrats on the contest win. You deserved it for awesome green hair and Beetlejuice costume! :-)

  8. A truly Great Post dear Lady...!!!
    Happy Halloween...


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