Monday, 14 December 2015

Kweeny Reviews: Krampus

I know I've been lax on my blogging this year, and I am pretty sure Krampus is gonna come for me. If he's half as cool as the one in the recent movie, I am totally gonna squee when he comes to my door!

Too bad I don't have a chimney...

Krampus (2015) is a movie fans of both the legend and of the darker, creepier side of the holidays, will appreciate. From start to finish, it is a morality play that is familiar to all of us. Messages such as be careful what you wish for and once something is done, it cannot be undone. And most of all, when you loose all hope, you loose everything. 

These important lessons both kids and adults need to be reminded of.

Krampus shows us that PG 13 horror can be done, and done well. A lot of horror uses gore as a crutch for scaring and shocking their audiences. While I like a bloody mess of a movie like anyone else, I know horror is more nuanced as a genre than just blood. There is very little blood in this movie. Instead, dread is built up with excellent cinematography, dark, festive imagery, and sound. The sounds in this film are just fantastic. From creepy jingling, stomping, and quiet, hissing monster sounds. Some moments are tense because the dread is built up so beautifully. We don't even get a full look at the big demon himself until closer to the end of the movie. Which is a good thing. There is so much going on building up to his reveal, that you aren't bored at all waiting for him to show his full face. He's seen bouncing around near the beginning and stopping people in the snow, letting us know he's not Santa Clause and he's got a list of his own.

"Krampus doesn't give. He takes." Omi tells us, as the family starts to understand the plight they have been put into. The movie starts off showing us some of the worst parts about the holiday, including the family we are stuck with through the movie. There is someone in the mix for everyone to hate as characters. We all have a relative that is just hard to be around for various reasons. They are all well acted, don't get me wrong. They are just mostly genuinely horrible people. I think Omi and Max are truly the only redeeming people in the mix, though all of them before they are taken redeem themselves a little before they are gone. The movie is really good at playing with tropes you'd find in a typical PG 13 horror movie. I busted a gut at times at not just the snarky dialogue, but at the way the movie would make you think one thing, but do another. Especially near the end. I'd say more, but I don't want to ruin it. It's just brilliant. A prefect way to show the horror of a fate delivered by Krampus.

For a new take on an old classic monster, I think Krampus is a great film. It introduces people to the "Shadow of Saint Nicholas" in the most perfectly unseelie fashion. With monsters, helpers, terror in the snow, evil toys and the horrible darkness of the horned devil himself. I think seeing Krampus alone just stomp around with his hoofed feet is worth the ticket price.

It's nice to see more support for the dark side of the holidays. I can't wait until Krampus is on DVD to add it to my festive horror classics. If you've seen Krampus, feel free to chat with me in the comments about it!

Now if you excuse me, I wanna go put on some horns and harass my husband. *evil witch cackle*

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